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Live to your fullest potential, naturally...

Are you in pain?

Are you tired of feeling "sick and tired"?

Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Are you pregnant and wondering if you are really supposed to have all these "symptoms" just because you are pregnant? Have you recently had a child and now wonder if you'll ever feel like "you" again?

Have the results of yo-yo dieting filled your closets with several sizes of clothes? 

At Royal Oaks Wellness, we understand that life takes a toll on your body’s ability to maintain balance. Yet balance allows us to realize our potential. Our bodies are capable of healing naturally, but sometimes life gets in the way. The staff of Royal Oaks Wellness takes a good look at all that makes you... well you!... and views health from a holistic perspective to uncover what is interfering with that natural healing process.




We specialize in Holistic Chiropractic Care and Nutritional Testing and Consultation. Our objective is to get to know you personally and customize a treatment plan that is unique to your goals and needs. You will feel comfortable from the moment you walk in our office, and you will receive the care and compassion you can expect from our professional health care team.

If you are suffering from headaches, back or joint pain, fatigue, TMJ pain, depression, infertility, allergies, or weight problems, Royal Oaks Wellness can provide the adjunctive treatment and therapies to get you feeling better as soon as possible so you can be on your way to a higher level of wellness.

 We want to be more than just a quick fix, as we build a relationship that will guide you to your fullest potential...



Royal Oaks Wellness is located in West Houston, TX.

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Dr. Tricia Kapavik is a compassionate Chiropractor, dynamic teacher and speaker, as well as a life and wellness coach.
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